My stay at Casa Iriarte, was a memorable one. Views of rolling hills from an authentic 15th century home are still in my mind as if it was yesterday. Nestled within the medieval walls of Artajona, I found myself  surrounded by an unparalleled peace. Each window of the house was it’s own work of art by the view in which it created. Whether strolling along the stone streets that have been strolled on for centuries, or sitting with the locals enjoying an afternoon coffee, it was an experience like no other. Lounging about in the garden in a hammock perfectly placed between 2 olive trees, dozing off hours on end or entering the kitchen for a piece of fresh bread, kept under an antique wire bread protector (which I’m still searching for one of my own). A glass of Rioja in the evenings accompanied by a home cooked meal, I discovered a new luxury – back to basics with the utmost authenticity. I did find time to discover Pamplona for the day, a short 20 minutes away and I made time for a few additional pueblos here and there. I’m looking forward to my next stay at Casa Iriarte, to see what had changed and to be honest, I hope not a lot.

Christopher Twele. New York

Casa Iriarte. Reflexiones y contrastes del escenario editorial.